History of the Hope Festival

HOPE Festival was started by then 20-year-old Minister Michael A. Turnbull, to help youth through out the world experience the Hope found in a relationship with Jesus. Although hosted by CGBBC, this is not an exclusive church event, but a community event in which all persons near and far can attend and be blessed and brought closer to Christ!

This event goes far beyond just the island of Tortola, for although the event is local, bringing international ministers, such as Rev. Claude O. Cline, Rev. Tony Lee, Rev. Bill Lee and other Life changing speakers to share the Gospel helps to extend the message of Jesus far beyond the Tortolian shores. It allows for a cultural exchange of experiences, talents and gifts which will only leave HOPE Festival 2011’s participants (You) blessed by the  tremendous gifts.

Last year’s Festival was no less than excellent!  Many lives were changed through the week of meetings, worship experiences and concerts. Previous Guest Artists Include Tye Tribbett & GA, Byron Cage & Junior Tucker, James Fortune, Pepper Ranks, Jadee, Emrand Henry, and Damita Haddon. This year’s featured artist is Detrick Haddon. Hope Festival 2011 will Inspire You!!!


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