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Daily Words of Hope

The best way to guide your own behavior is to make a commitment to always be a good example.  Lord, may I be a reflection of Your love.


Daily Words of Hope ( Memorial Day Edition)

Today Americans  Celebrate Memorial Day and Honor  courageous  men and women that died for our Freedom. As we remember our soldiers, let us also remember someone named, Jesus, that died for our Freedom. Jesus who died so ALL may Live.  Live Free !!!!

Daily Words of Hope

Let today’s difficulties make you better not bitter.  Lord, guide me, protect me and work through me. Every Difficulty can be  a stepping Stone to Greatness.

Vidsperation ( Videos that Inspire)

You are Never Alone, You Have a Friend in Jesus, Put your arms around yourself, hug yourself and feel the love..

Vidsperation (Videos That Inspire)

No Matter What Life Throws at You Remember You Can Survive and You Will Survive!!!! Conquer & Live Free!!!

Daily Words of Hope

If you exercise your mind, your spirit will never get old.  Lord, give me the ability to rise above my worldly burdens and ability to always make things a little better.

Daily Words of Hope (Enjoy the Weekend)

Each day offers many situations for accomplishment, joy, change and personal growth.  Lord, grant me the ability to recognize these moments and the energy to benefit from these daily opportunities.

Daily Words of Hope

It is far better to feel fulfilled than to feel important because you have taken on too much.  Lord,help me eliminate the unnecessary demands in my life which only cause stress.

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