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As You Are….. 

No need to be perfect, be willing and let God do the rests  



Find your Passion 



The most courageous step is often the first. Lord give us the courage to believe in ourselves. #takethefirststep. 


Seize the Moment 

Today we will not be consumed with all that’s wrong in our lives that we miss opputnities to make our lives better. We wil Seize each moment;That moment could lead to our miracle.  



Delay is not denail. The delay is your training ground for your destiny. 

Hope Fest 15


Gospel Fest 15

Gospel Fest 2015_[ONLINE]

Hope Festival 2014, 7.24.2014 with Pastor Jones

On the second night of Hope Festival 2014, Pastor Jumaine Jones of The Bridge Church shared on “Real Tempation”, people were able to meet God through the worship by guest psalmist Rhoda Joseph, with our worship team.

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