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NBA Playoffs & Life

The NBA playoffs have started and to my demise and heartbreak the San Antonio Spurs lost their first game of the 2011 playoffs to the Memphis Grizzlies. Although I can complain and justify the loss, i.e. Manu Ginobili being injured I will digress. But today I am sure the Spurs are handling this setback in various ways and trying to pull it together for the next game.

How do you pull your life back together after a loss, setback, or defeat? You may complain to a friend, drink or smoke and coincidently you feel great for the next several hours, but honestly are you really preparing for game two? Are your methods of coping giving insight to why you lost? If the spurs players spend today complaining about last night’s game, or chose to be spend last night drinking and smoking; how well are they preparing for game 2?

I know it’s easier for us to beat ourselves up after a loss or setback, but if we engage in behaviors that will damage or lives we are reducing our chances of winning game 2.  So let us reflect this week of Easter on the moments after Judas betrayed Jesus, he did a number of things, which I think could help us get back in the fight.

  1. Silence: Is not always practiced in our society, but it does give  us time to reflect. Reflection and meditation is important, so in your silence meditate on God’s word and the teachings of hope, peace and ultimate success.
  2. Forgiveness:Jesus immediately forgave Judas. Sometimes to prepare for game 2 or life after a setback is to forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness is a crucial step to operate fully after a setback
  3. Remember this is not the Last Game: Although the Spurs lost game one, remember it’s the best of seven series so they have several more games to play and could still possibly win the entire series. Jesus knew that his betrayal and his crucifixion would not be his ultimate end. So I challenge you, this setback is not your end, you have several more chances to overcome and conquer.

So get motivated, get peace and get going. You have more games to play and much more opportunities to win. Remember this lost does not define you. So this week live like a winner, because your ultimate end is victory.

Min. Mike

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