Meet Rev. Dr. Mike

Michael A. Turnbull of the British Virgin Islands, the island of Tortola is the son of Marion and Rev. Melvin A. Turnbull and the brother of Melvin Mitchell Turnbull. Min. Turnbull has always had a love for God and a passion for ministry. At an early age Min. Turnbull realized his call to be a representative and servant for God’s people.  He preached his first sermon at the age of fourteen.

Over the next several years, Min. Turnbull further realized his call to ministry and began to take a more active role in his father’s church, working with the audio, youth and young adult ministries. Throughout these years Min. Turnbull battled with his dedication to God and curiosity of being a teenager. The farther away he strayed, the closer he got to God and the more he realized his yearning to totally engulf himself in ministry.

Min. Turnbull was gifted in ministry and also knew the importance of education and developing the mind in addition to the Spirit. Due to his exceptional academic achievements, including receiving his Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Minor in Heath Sciences and his rank as Summa Cum Laude at the Howard University, Min. Turnbull could have gone to any top university to continue his study of the sciences. Based on his passion for God and his commitment to the study of the inter-workings of God’s people, Min. Turnbull chose to study Divinity and graduated with honors May of 2007. Min. Turnbull is currently perusing his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Argosy University, American School of Professional Psychology.

Min. Turnbull has earned numerous awards inclusive of being a trustee scholar and a John H. Jackson Scholar at Howard University School of Divinity. Min. Turnbull serves in numerous community activities and is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

Min. Turnbull also runs a non- profit organization based in the British Virgin Islands, that is aimed at teaching life skills to youth and young adults The Hope Foundation (BVI) Ltd with his brother Melvin ” Mitch” Turnbull”. He is also the visionary and serves as the chairman of one of the island’s most influence Festivals, Hope Festival, which has witnessed to thousands of lives over the past 6 years.

Minister Turnbull is married to a dynamic woman of God, Mrs. Shondrea N. Turnbull,  and has a beautiful daughter. They currently resides in Washington, DC. Min. Turnbull desires to spread hope and inspiration to the world.


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