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Words of Hope

Live your life as though today was your last and learn as though you’ll live forever. Even if you have spent all year being afraid, you still having time to start being fearless. Lord, give to the courage to live free.

Words of Hope

It’s never too late to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Remember the gift of Christmas, is the HOPE that came through the birth of Christ.

Daily Words of Hooe

Each time you have a kind thought, say a kind word or do a kind deed you are living your love. Lord, as I see the world through loving eyes, I experience heaven on earth.


Daily words of Hope

If you are reading this then that means you have life and if you have life you hope. Lord let me appreciate the hope that comes with life.


New Music Monday: Rueben Heights

This Little Light of Mine: Rueben Hieghts

If you want to make a difference just let you light shine. Your light is God living within you, and you displaying love, peace, justice, and forgiveness in an unforgiven world.


Words of Hope

Thank God In spite of you circumstance. Lord I know that  you are greater than any situation or obstacle, so I thank you in advance for giving me the strength to overcome. I made it through this week and I know that is a victory.

Daily Words of Hope

We are not always what we ought to be or want to be, but through God’s love we are not what we would be without Him. Lord, thank you for raising me to heights in this world that alone I could not reach and for giving me eternal life in the next.


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