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As You Are….. 

No need to be perfect, be willing and let God do the rests  



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Daily Words of Hope


Don’t let the anxiety of others, cause you to question the gifts that God has Given you

Words of Hope

Today choose to believe in the good in humanity. Sometimes the negative in this world causes us to miss opportunities of great human effort. Sometimes in our own lives we only look at our lack, deficiencies or sin. We seldom realize that the value of our life is not based on how few faults have, we are invaluable treasures.

Lord today help me to realize my true value.

Words of Hope

They that wait unto the lord shall renew their strength, when these words were written in the book of Isaiah who knew that waiting would be so hard. Sometimes it’s hard to wait for God to reveal the plan for our lives, or a blessing, or that thing we have been praying for, but in waiting the writer tells us we get stronger. I know that you may feel like giving up and God seems to be taken his precious time as you wait, but I beg you don’t give up or quit. Waiting does not equal stagnation or lack of action. As we wait on a particular thing we should keep living for God, keep striving in life and keep progressing. As we continually push forward we may just accomplish or get that thing we have been waiting on or realize that we didn’t need that thing we have been waiting on to live an abundant life. So if you were waiting for God’s promise in your life by sitting on the sidelines, I urge you to get up and continue to live.  Lord give me the strength to keep moving while I wait on you.

Daily Words of Hope

Many temptations assault the soul. The next time one comes along that I cannot handle, Lord GOD, give me something else to focus on and the wisdom to know that this torn will not be in my side forever.

Words of Hope

Today, Lord GOD, I give you the damaged pieces of my life and ask that You will mend them and make me whole again.


Daily Words of Hope

When someone does something that makes a difference in your life, tell them. Lord, help me to find the words that will express my appreciation to those who mean so much to me and to my life.

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