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Hope 2012 Victory Concert


Words of Hope

Faith is the substance of things hope for the evidenced of things not seen. Having faith faith implies having hope, they are insuperable ideas. Lord give me the wisdom to align my beliefs, wants and desires.

Words of Hope

You will never have to worry about your position in life (job, etc) when you were assigned by God, and are fulfilling your purpose.  Know that you are qualified, to fulfill God’s will for your life. Most importantly never look for people to quantify what God has qualified you to do. Lord let me find my purpose, so I can live a driven life.

A New Perspective

On yesterday I was humbled as I found myself in the Doctor’s office getting my eyes checked. The optometrists quickly told me that I was no longer legally able to drive without glasses because my vision had stumbled to 20/50. My right eye was a strong but my left eye was failing fast!!! As the doctor tried out different prescriptions letters on the wall started become clearer and clearer, until I was able to see every detail on the chart with clarity.

Is the situation or our perspective? I began to notice that the TV was a little blurry, labels were harder to read and things far away tended to fade into the darkness. At first, like most of us do I thought the TV was acting up, the labels were getting smaller etc.. In our lives we have a tendency to blame everything and everyone but ourselves. It’s my mother in laws fault, my wife’s fault, it’s the kids, is the job, it’s the fraternity. But like me, we must, we have to take a look at ourselves.

As I stopped and I looked at my situation, not being able to see as clear as I would have liked.  I placed the prescribed glasses on my face, my environment that was once blurry, hard to see, hard to understand, became clear. I found a new sense of perspective, understanding, everything made sense. The TV was amazingly clear again and road signs made sense.

My glasses now serve as a tool to help me see clearly. In life’s situations what we must do is involve God, to make sure our perspective is clear. Our situations and circumstances seem impossible because when we live our lives without God. Basically we are living with partial vision.  God brings clarity to unclear situations. God offers you a new perspective. Just like me putting on those glasses and looking up and seeing all the letters that were once blurry, invoking God through pray, reflection, will bring you a newfound clarity and perspective.


So brothers, if you’re dealing with situations right now and you don’t see a way out I offer you to change your perspective. The story about Saul before he came Paul offers a perfect example. God changed his perspective and removed the scales from his eyes so he can see clearly. Right now life may seem a little unclear and your situation or circumstance is blocking you from seeing clearly.  Be assured that just like me and just like Saul, God can bring clarity and a new perspective.

But most importantly like glasses you have to put them on. You can have glasses and know that they’re there, but if you don’t use them they are useless. So stop, place God in your situation, make God an active participant in your life and gain a new perspective.

This year we can accomplish the impossible together but we must change our perspective on life .I am adamant that this will happen once we include God and change our perspective.

Scripture Reference Acts 9:18.

New Music; JMOSS (GOOD & BAD)

It is good to know God will Love you through your good and Bad.

Words of Hope

Choose to be worthy to yourself and never confuse self worth with behavior.  Lord, help me to be less critical of my past and see that this moment right now is all that I can do anything about.

New Music Monday (Casting Crowns: Courageous)

This week overcome by being Courageous in every aspect of your life.

Daily Words of Hope

God’s promises are not for those who walk through life with no obstacles, but for those who overcome their obstacles.  Lord, I pray, not to overpower others, but to overcome my own weaknesses and strengthen my trust in You.

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