Why you should attend Hope Festival 2010

Minister Michael A. Turnbull & Rev. Dr. Melvin A. Turnbull
Friday, June 18th, 2010 at 5:53 pm
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When confronted with the perils of life, there awaits a power that extends beyond desire or want for change…the power to believe.

Exploring what it means to believe in God, dreams, victory, success and oneself and empowering people to truly renew their minds in order to change their circumstances encapsulates HOPE Festival 2010. The Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church (CGBBC) and Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Melvin A. Turnbull graciously invites EVERYONE to the Fifth Annual HOPE Festival 2010, entitled, “LOVE:  The Real Thing”

Hope Festival 2010 is scheduled for July 5th– 9th, 2010 during which invite YOU to experience HOPE. We have dynamic preachers Min. Michael A. Turnbull, Pastor Jermaine Jones & Rev. Bill Lee of Maryland USA.  Our Victory Concert will take place on the 9th of July @ The Cultural Center, with empowering artist such as Joy Praise, Dominion, Levor Lettsome, Donna Cline-Thomas, Bahamian Reggae Super Star Monty G www.myspace.com/montygloj , & International and Stellar Award Winning James Fortune & FIYA   www.myspace.com/jamesfortunefiya.

This year’s festival will again be featured on TEMPO as the airing of last year’s festival was greatly accepted throughout the Caribbean because of you.


Hope Festival is designed to inspire, ignite and emancipate, especially, the youth and young adults of our territory through the realization of their gifts and eschatological hope given in the personhood and ministry of Jesus Christ. Love, encapsulates the greatest command that’s given by God; to love your neighbor as yourself. It has been the theme of every popular song from Bob Marley’s “One Love” to Kirk Franklin song titled simply “Love”.

We have done some crazy things in the name of love. Many of us have been hurt by ‘love.’ Some of us swear by love, while others say it doesn’t exist. Some of us are searching for love, while others have simply given up on love.

This year’s Hope Festival, “Love: The Real Thing” offers you real love, from the best Lover and Friend you will ever know. For God so Loved the World (The Good, Bad, Struggling, Poor, Rich, Sinner and Saint) that God sent His Son for you. This is the Love that we are offering, a Love that will accept you in spite of your faults, failures and shortcomings. So come to Hope Festival 2010, “Love: the Real Thing” to Experience Real Love.


HOPE Festival was divinely designed to enkindle, encourage and liberate the island of Tortola.  Although hosted by CGBBC, this is not an exclusive church event, but a community event in which all persons near and far can attend and be blessed and brought closer to Christ! It was started by the ten 21 year old Minister Michael A. Turnbull, to inspire the youths and young adults in the Virgin Islands

This event goes far beyond just the island of Tortola, for although the event is local, bringing international ministers, such as Co-Pastor Owens, to share the Gospel helps to extend the message of Jesus far beyond the Tortolian shores. It allows for a cultural exchange of experiences, talents and gifts which will only leave HOPE Festival 2010’s participants more blessed by tremendous gifts and talents of everyone involved.

Last year’s Festival was no less than excellent, and for the first time we were featured throughout the Caribbean on Tempo!  Many lives were changed through the week of meetings, worship services and concert. In the 5th Annual HOPE Festival, it is the time to go to the next level! Previous Guest Artist for our Victory Concert include Tye Tribbett & GA, Byron Cage, Damitta Haddon & Junior Tucker.


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