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As You Are….. 

No need to be perfect, be willing and let God do the rests  



Hope Festival 2014, 7.24.2014 with Pastor Jones

On the second night of Hope Festival 2014, Pastor Jumaine Jones of The Bridge Church shared on “Real Tempation”, people were able to meet God through the worship by guest psalmist Rhoda Joseph, with our worship team.

Hope Festival 2014 7.23.2014

Hope Festival 2014 Logo


Hope Festival 2013 “Arise” Official Poster


Words of Hope


You are good and beautiful and intelligent and loved. Lord, may I accept me for all that I am and focus on my goodness

Daily Words of Hope

The smallest kindness is worth more than the greatest intention. Lord, help me not to overlook the opportunities that I have to enrich the lives of others or think I am too busy to reach out with a word or even a smile.

Daily Words of Hope


Don’t let the anxiety of others, cause you to question the gifts that God has Given you

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