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Questions About Life?


Life…what is it and what’s the point. I know there must be a reason. How much control do I have over it and where do I fit in. who am I in the big scheme of things. How can I make an impact and will it matter. God unblock the passage to your wisdom. Let me be a glowing reflection of you. Is that what I am here for? To represent you, to show your glory. If so, what does that look like. Is there an ideal image of how I am supposed to behave or of what I am supposed to do. Is it what the church says, or my parents or my friends? Is the image I am supposed to live based on what others see in me or what I see in myself? Or is it what you see in me. If so, how do I know what you see in me. How do I know how to live this “life”.

By. S.N. Turnbull

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