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Life & Healing

So, what will I do today…save a life or destroy it? Start to ask yourself that question a few mornings out of the week. The other nights, reflect on what you did that day. And be honest with yourself. Be true to you. I am going to start now. So, did I save a live or destroy one… still thinking…and yet still wondering what I did with myself today. Did I take full advantage of all the talents, skills, and blessings that I have or did I mask them to fit in with everyone else? Or on the other hand, did I use my strengths to make someone else feel bad? You know everyone is different and everyone has a different struggle. What was mine today?

I am on a slight tangent today, and as I am reading Luke 6 I am starting to put more thought into the connection between Healing and LIFE. You know, people who need healing have it bad. People wonder “what’s wrong with you” “why can’t you get it together” and the fact that they don’t line up to “perfection” often times makes them a look like a horrible person. Every mistake is blown out of proportion, every fall is magnified and the sins (or those things that we do that we know we shouldn’t be doing) seem like death. Have you ever felt like you were so caught up in something that you felt like you were drowning…gasping for air every other moment, but still being pushed under, deeper into the mess by a seemingly invisible force? I have. Many times in my life. And they weren’t all specific situations that had me drowning, but sometimes I get so caught up in an emotional whirlwind, that I don’t know how to stop. It is at that point I need healing…a lifesaver to bring me to dry land.

Maybe it is not so bad to need healing. Maybe the healing is the ointment to my wounded spirit – the Vaseline to my cut – or like the old folks say, the balm (not bomb) in Gilead. Maybe the mere fact that I acknowledge my wound then activates my faith for the healing process to begin. And you see so many people who reached out to Jesus for healing. And he simply responded in many occasions…your faith has healed you. I thank God for my wounds, hurts, and imperfections because at the end of the day, it just means that my body is just fine…fine enough to send the blood to the place that needs to be touched…fine enough to repair itself with some good ole’ therapy…fine enough to miraculously create a scar and replace the torn tissue with new skin…and fine enough to humble myself to know that I did not heal myself, for there is a doctor that always steps in and takes care of me.

So, what did you and I do today? Well, every small effort has a huge impact. It just takes one small spark to light a fire. Today  take the time to think about life…and save it.

S.N. Turnbull

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