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Daily Words of Hope

When you can’t seem to be a shining example, at least twinkle a little.  Lord, when I am weary, You are there.  When I am weak, You are there.  When I stumble, You are always ready to pick me up.


Vidsperation ( He’s Able) Get Ready for Hope Festival 2011

Hope Starts on July 4th @ CGBBC

Daily Words of Hope

Sometimes we are distracted from the truth and confused by what we see in this world.  Lord, help me to know and listen to Your teachings so that I am not misled by worldly influences.

Song of the Day

From Sherwin Gardner’s New Album Rescue Me, Hope Festival Concert on July 8th 2011!!!! Just Get Inspired!!!!

Victory Concert & Tempo Live

“Where Can You Get All This For $20.00”

Hope Festival Begins in 6 Days- Spread The Hope

Daily Words of Hope

If hurts and hard feelings have come into your heart, make peace before you sleep.  Lord, please forgive me as I forgive others and myself.

Daily Words Of Hope

Holding on to hurts causes us to live the pain over and over. Lord, may I forgive so that I may heal.


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