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Weekend Words of Hope

Making it to the end of the week should let us know that we have overcome obstacles, conquered the impossible and pushed through the turbulence that life sometimes brings. Whenever we feel like giving up on ourselves, we should look over our life and see what we have already conquered in our past. Lord give us the wisdom to know you have given us the power to FINISH STRONG!!!!


Daily Words of Hope




Every day renew your purpose because without purpose your life will be empty.  Lord, grant that I am able to truly see the worth and value of my existence and know that my presence does make a difference.

Music Monday (Vidsperation)- John Legend “I Won’t Complain”

Sometimes we just have to shift our perspective, and just say thank you.

Daily Words of Hope- (Rev. Dr. Melvin A. Turnbull)


“The Last Word.” Wherever you are today, whatever you have heard or seen, just know that God is Sovereign – God is in control – God’s never nervous or confused God has the last word!  This ought to give you inspiration, courage, and peace – a new resolve!Remember: “Don’t back down, when God is backing you up”

With much prayer,

Rev. Dr. Melvin A. Turnbull, Senior Pastor.

(Words of Wisdom from my Pastor and Father)

New Music Monday: Sherwin Gardner—–> New Album Relentless

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Daily Words of Hope

First Corinthians Chapter 13 talks about love in a very descriptive manner, the apostle Paul characterizes love in many ways, patient, kind, long suffering, nonjudgmental, but even the apostle Paul was unable to define love with one word. But let’s say that we know that love at its minimum is patient, kind and nonjudgmental.

From the children’s hymn we know that Jesus loves us but we often view God as this mean person judging us from afar, who uses every opportunity to scold us, but if God loves us, then we should find peace knowing that God is patient, kind and long suffering.

Sometimes it is hard for us to think of God as loving because we encounter people in our lives that represent everything but a loving spirit, but we should not let these people dictate our views of God, self and humanity.

God’s love for us is patient kind and long suffering, simply God will stick with you even when you feel Unlovable. God’s patient Love shouldn’t be an excuse to live lives that’s hurt others and ourselves. Be wise don’t take advantage of God’s love. We shouldn’t live good lives, because of fear only. Yes, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom but not the end.

As Paul stated the greatest of all is Love. Live right because you Love God, yourself and others. Push forward regardless of your mistakes because you understand that God’s love is patient and one mistake wouldn’t cause God to give up on you.

The Takeaway
Love is Powerful; use its power to live a better life.

Daily Words of Hope

God will never fail you or abandon you.  Lord, I am sure that everything that happens is for the purpose of strengthening me and bringing me closer to You.  I trust in You to continually bless me with all that I need to successfully handle my circumstances.

Daily Words of Hope

Tranquility lies in self-improvement.  Lord, help me to worry less about the faults of others and use my energy to enhance my own strengths and eliminate my weaknesses.

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