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Daily Words of Hope


God, today they say is the end of the world. But for me, it is a new beginning. A beginning filled with hope, dreams, promise, fortune, blessings and favor. Today I believe in Tomorrow. I believe in the promise for a better future. I replace any doubt with faith in the miraculous things that faith brings. God, thank you for today.


Daily Words of Hope


This week remember there is more to you than what meets the eye. Let’s us stop settling for what us have said about what we can be. Remember Great is God that dwells within us than what dwells in the world. Lord today I pray that what’s really inside me (greatness, Gifts etc) will become more apparent.

Words of Hope


Share what is in your heart to win the hearts of others. Lord, may I always be loving, honest and gentle with those that I meet and joyfully shine from Your presence within me.

Daily Words of Hope

Determination and faith will carry you through to your goals.  Lord, You and I together can do great things.

Daily words of Hope

Distractions keep you from concentrating on the goal ahead like Paul we should continue to press toward the mark that is ahead.

Daily Words of Hope

You will get through this trial that you are facing. Pressure creates the most beautiful diamonds . So what appears to be irritations create the most amazing pearls. Lord I believe that I will be better at the end of this trial.

Daily Words of Hope

Let go of your jealousies and insecurities and focus on your desire to make someone else happy. When I give, Lord GOD, let me give of myself.

Daily Words of Hope

Many temptations assault the soul. The next time one comes along that I cannot handle, Lord GOD, give me something else to focus on and the wisdom to know that this torn will not be in my side forever.

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