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Words of Hope

Prayer may not always change a situation, but it will always change us.  Lord, I accept Your answers to my prayers because I know that they will always be right and, in Your wisdom, best for me. 


Words of Hope

Let nothing that others do alter how you treat them. Lord, may I treat all with love and consideration.


Daily Words of Hope

Hope is not a one way street. Your road to hope maybe different, but different does not equal bad.Today I will appreciate my life’s journey,even when I don’t understand how everything is going to work out.Lord I trust that you are guiding my life and would lead me towards victory


Words of HOPE


Mistakes give us experience. Without them going forward is almost impossible. Lord, may I always look for the good and use it to make tomorrow better.

New Music; JMOSS (GOOD & BAD)

It is good to know God will Love you through your good and Bad.

Words of Hope

Today the World observes World Aids Day and brings awareness to a disease that has change the course of lives throughout the world. HIV/AIDS is a giant that sometimes we may feel there’s nothing we can do to save those affected, but we can. One of the greatest commandments left by Jesus was to love thy neighbor as you love yourself. So we can heal the sick, by showing them love, spreading the word about HIV/AIDS to prevent the future spread of this disease. A first corinthians 13 type of love, love that is patient, kind, and non judgmental. So today say a prayer for that orphaned child of parents that have past, children born with HIV and those living around the world with HIV/AIDS. Pray that they would feel the love of God and feel a renewed sense of HOPE.

I hope you feel loved Today.

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