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Hope Festival 2011 Preaching Poster


Daily Words of Hope

The more peaceful you become, the easier time you will have living.  Lord, bring my life back into perspective.

Vidsperation ( Videos that Inspire)

Hope Festival 2010 Artist.

Your Situation Will GET BETTER!!!! and You Will Make it Through!!!


Vidsperation ( Videos that Inspire)

You are Never Alone, You Have a Friend in Jesus, Put your arms around yourself, hug yourself and feel the love..

Daily Words of Hope

If you exercise your mind, your spirit will never get old.  Lord, give me the ability to rise above my worldly burdens and ability to always make things a little better.

Daily Words of Hope


Accepting who you are is not settling, because you are powerful, beautiful and courageous

Daily Words of Hope

Sometimes you can’t wait for change to happen to you;

you have to make the change happen in your life.

Don’t be an idle observer in your life; actively move

toward the life you are called to live.

We must all take up the challenge to LIVE our lives.

John 14:6-31.


Daily Words of Hope

God never promised to make your troubles go away, but He did promise to give you the strength and power to overcome them.  Lord, when I am weak, strengthen me, when I forget, remind me and when the day is done, accept my thanksgiving because without You I am nothing.

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