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Weekend Words of Hope

FRIDAY, July 15, 2011
God has given each of us many talents and abilities.  To use them reflects our commitment to Him.  Lord, help me find new ways to use the talents that You’ve given me.

SATURDAY, July 16, 2011
Do not run ahead of the Lord, but walk with Him, pray for His guidance and listen to His answers.  Lord, let me put Your Will first in my life.

SUNDAY, July 17, 2011
Don’t give up because your best has not yet been achieved.  Lord, take away my doubts and give me courage to accept my opportunities.


Daily Words of Hope

Listen to hear and learn.  Lord, help me to practice listening without judgment and interruption so that I fully benefit and truly comprehend the nature of what is being shared with me.

Hope Fest 2011 Media Coverage 3

Hope Festival – Bringing Hope To The Youths


The MC from Tempo with a fan at Hope Festival 2011 Concert. The MC from Tempo with a fan at Hope Festival 2011 Concert. BVI HotPress

The 2011 Hope Festival Concert can be deemed a resounding success with hundreds of young people turning out at the Sir Rupert Briercliffe Hall on Friday evening to be inspired through an energetic session of preaching and performances put together especially for them.

Guest performers Sherwin Gardener and Deitrick Haddon kept the crowd alive and in action, belting out inspirational messages through their lively performances and bringing down the curtains on a successful week of Hope Festival 2011.

Organiser  of the event Michael Turnbull told that this year’s event was amazing and he was pleased to see so many youths coming out to the concert for a positive event on a Friday night.

He also revealed that the show once again has been covered by Tempo’s Rise and Shine will be aired on Tempo with millions of viewers getting an opportunity to see the event.

Mr. Turnbull said it is his hope that the festival will help young people to accept that they can do anything that they put their minds to and to also give them hope.

“No matter how you feel, no matter where you from, no matter how much money you have, no matter what people say about you, that you can believe in yourself to do great things,” said Mr. Turnbull.

He said if everyone can find their value as a person in the community, they will make the BVI and hopefully the world a better place.

Explaining how the event first started in the BVI, Mr. Turnbull said six years ago he wanted to make a difference and he and his brother Mitch started it, with his brother doing the YouthRallies and him the Hope Festival.

“We start this to change this community. Enough people talking about the youth but not enough doing anything. The goal is to try to empower youths from different angles.”

Mr. Turnbull envisions the growth of Hope Festival and by 2015, he expects hotels to be booked out for the event and having it moved to a bigger location to accommodate an expected growing crowd.

For those interested in learning more or joining the Foundation, they can visit where they can also make contact via email. Turnbull said they have a youth camp coming up and expect some 7000 children and is in need of volunteers while there is also a prison programme coming up organized by his brother Mitch.

Daily Words of Hope

God will never fail you or abandon you. Lord, I am sure that everything that happens is for the purpose of strengthening me and bringing me closer to You. I trust in You to continually bless me with all that I need to successfully handle my circumstances.

Daily Words of Hope

Each day offers many situations for accomplishment, joy, change and personal growth. Lord, grant me the ability to recognize these moments and the energy to benefit from these daily opportunities.


Hope Festival 2011 News Coverage 2

Hope Festival 2011 in the NEWS

nergetic Praise and Worship Concert Ends Hope Festival 2011
BVI Platinum News
Updated: over 4 hours ago
Published: July 09, 2011 9:53 am AST
Deitrick Haddon of the United States (left) and Trinidad’s Sherwin Gardner at the 2011 Hope Festival
Photo Credit: Gordon French/BVI Platinum News

Dozens danced and sang along with international gospel acts, Deitrick Haddon of the United States and Trinidad’s Sherwin Gardner as the sixth annual Hope Festival closed with a massive concert at the Sir Rupert Briercliffe Hall last evening, July 8.

The concert offered opportunities for local performers to share the spotlight off the stage as the host of Tempo’s Rise and Shine, Jamie Thomas conducted interviews that will be aired in the Caribbean and the United States.

Local soloist, Ishaka Charles opened the concert with several worship songs. She was followed by the local group Dominion, who performed many of their own songs. In between the songs, Dominion ensured that they shared messages of hope and thanksgiving for God’s grace and mercy. The group also pleaded for unity within the church.

The harmonious voices of El Shaddai, a choir that comprises of members from various churches enticed the audience with their performance. The group set the stage for Gardner who emerged on stage and immediately signaled to the audience that they should come to front of the stage and “give God thanks”. During his performance, he introduced a dance that translated to stepping on things that are ungodly. Gardner shared experiences through his music and songs that spoke of triumph.

Gardner also showed his musical range throughout his performance with songs done in various genres with a distinct Caribbean tone to it. He told the audience that back in his homeland of Trinidad, many persons have tried to get him to stop singing gospel music and enter the soca arena which is more lucrative. However, he told the audience that he has chosen gospel and will continue to “lift up the name of God”.

Mr. Haddon, who recently performed at the BET Awards show, emerged on stage and immediately set about to spread his ministry’s message through song. The young songwriter and producer interacted periodically with the audience, telling them that God has a plan for their lives, but they must never lose hope. He encouraged that sometimes humans do not understand what God is about to do, but they must continue to trust him and have faith.

Mr. Haddon also encouraged them to be happy. He said one of the reasons he sings is because he is happy and he wants those who listen to his music to be happy also. Mr. Haddon said Christians must not be afraid to worship and praise God.

Talent Exposure

Tempo’s Jamie Thomas (left) interviews Suzette Richardson for his show Rise and Shine.
Photo Credit: Gordon French/BVI Platinum News

Hope Festival is staged annually by the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church. Minister Michael A. Turnbull said that the main thing for the concert is to inspire youths throughout the Caribbean, especially in Tortola.

“Now that we have had Tempo for the past three years and now Tempo is going into the United States, so we are going to have millions of people being inspired by people from Tortola. The main thing about the festival is to give people hope. A lot of people are going through a lot is things with their families and finances and they need hope. This is what this festival was designed to do; bring hope to people,” Minister Turnbull said.

This year’s theme for Hope Festival 2011 is “Life: Live Abundantly”.

Leading up to the concert, there were three nights of experiences at the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Melvin A. Turnbull which was opened to all members of the public. Motivational speakers included Rev. Tony Lee and Rev. Bill Lee.

Jamie of Tempo told BVI Platinum News that the 2011 Hope Festival was his third. He said that he is very impressed with the talent base in the BVI and that the programs when aired on Tempo have always attracted many viewers. In addition to the Hope Festival, Tempo also showcases various parts of the BVI.

Minister Turnbull said that the Hope Foundation will continue to be involved with a number of programs and is getting ready to host a mentoring program in August and a 3-day camp for kids in another few days.

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swagger | Report Abuse
that concert was awesome and has a young person, i think that they did very well i had fun and thank mikey and mitch for putting these two great gospel performers together. jod well done. cant wait for next year!!!
July 09 at 12:52pm  |  Like   Dislike
concert goer | Report Abuse
The concert was great and it is so good to see positive events being posted on this website!!!
July 09 at 11:22am  |  Like   Dislike

Daily Words of Hope

Strengthen your character by knowing which things in life are nonnegotiable to you.  Lord, I pray for the strength to say no when saying yes would go against that in which I believe.

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