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Daily Words of Hope

As a mother sets aside gifts for her children long before they need them, so, too, has God prepared for our needs long before we call out to GOD.  Lord, I give thanks and place my trust in Your loving arms.


A Must Watch: David Garibaldi “Paints Jesus”

Music Mondays: Kirk Franklin “Smile”


Daily Words of Hope

You are Stronger than you think, Wiser than you assume and more Capable than others presume. There’s more to you than what meet’s the eye. Greater is God that dwells within you than all the things that are in the World.

Daily Words of Hope

    Prayer is the best preparation for the day.  Lord, although I don’t know all that I will need for today, give me clarity and wisdom and remove from my path that which I am yet not strong enough to bear.





Vidsperation (Videos that Inspire)

Keep moving.

Daily Words of Hope




There is much wisdom in knowing what to overlook.  Lord, may I take every opportunity to praise and choose carefully when I feel the need to criticize.

Daily Words of Hope

Be grateful for the simple things that you can do such as being able to see, to walk, to have health and to be able to face life with peace of mind.  Lord, on a daily basis I will count my many unnamed blessings.

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