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Words of Hope

Believing in yourself in a world that often tells you that your not good enough is not easy, but BELIEVE ANYWAY. When you find yourself in circumstances that the outcome appears unfavorable, BELIEVE ANYWAY. When you’ve given your all and given up seems like the next logical step, KEEP BELIEVING. AND if your faith is getting weak, and the strength to  keep going forward is wavering, trust that the God that you have been believing in all along will not let you fall. Lord, I will believe in you even when believing appears crazy.


Words of Hope

It’s never too late to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Remember the gift of Christmas, is the HOPE that came through the birth of Christ.

Words of Hop

Friday, November 18, 2011
Keep your feet firmly planted in your faith and your eyes raised to the heavens.  Lord, You are my strength, my encouragement and my source of all that is good.
Saturday, November 19, 2011
You will be as happy as you desire to be.  Lord, my life is a gift. Let me celebrate each moment.

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Have the strength to do what is right regardless of the consequences.  Lord, show me Your way so that I may walk in Your truth.

Words of Hope

There’s more to you than meets the eye. There is greatness on the inside of you, don’t let others or your own negative self-talk deter you from greatness. Today let us choose to believe in ourselves. Lord give me eyes to see beyond my faults, so I can see how great I am.

Daily Words of Hope

Being overly critical of ourselves sabotages our ability to complete our tasks.  Lord, bless me with the ability to see how capable I am.

Weekend Words of Hope

Friday, October 28, 2011
Make more room for love in your life. Lord, may I love myself and what I do, may I love others, and how they better my life, and above all, may I love You more each day.
Saturday, October 29, 2011
Listen carefully to the things you say.  The advice we give to others is often the best advice for us to follow.  Lord, help me to follow that which I know is right even when it is difficult.
Sunday, October 30, 2011
Begin each day with the certainty that today is the best day of your life and watch what happens.  Lord, I celebrate my life and give thanks for everything because for everything there is a reason. 

Daily Words of Hope

Thoughts are powerful, so pay close attention to what you think about.  Lord, help me to think thoughts of love, peace and abundance so that this becomes my experience.

Daily Words of Hope

    Prayer is the best preparation for the day.  Lord, although I don’t know all that I will need for today, give me clarity and wisdom and remove from my path that which I am yet not strong enough to bear.





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