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Words of Hope

Trust in the lord with all thy heart and lean not to your own understanding in all your ways, acknowledge God and God will direct your path. Trusting God is more than a notion, it’s a complete surrender of our will to God’s inspite of the situations we find ourselves in, Lord today I have victory because I surrender it all to you.


Daily Words of Hope

Today, we have made to the half way mark of the week, don’t you dear give up on your dreams, hopes and goals that you have set for this week, because God has not forgotten about you. Keep hope alive.

Words of Hope

The Lord is my light, and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” -Psalm 27

Words of Hope

Begin today with a fresh outlook, although you may be facing old problems on a new day. This fresh outlook may just be the solution that was needed. Lord give me the wisdom to approach this problem with a new and hopeful outlook.

Words of Hope

Take time to learn from the mistakes of others. We don’t have time to make all of them ourselves. Lord God, guide me onto paths that lead me to You.

Words of Hope

There is always a reason why people act the way they do. Lord God, help me to be more patient and understanding.

Happy Good Friday

Happy Good Friday, what’s good about today you may ask? Most of the time when we say it’s a good friday, we are happy to be finished with a hard week at work, anticipating socializing with friends, or we are reminiscing old times. However, today throughout the world people are celebrating “Good Friday”, but on this day, a man,  was mocked and unjustly crucified. A week prior he was lauded by hundreds, but all those people turned on him. He was betrayed by one of his closest friends and denied by another. His mother was forced to watch him die on a old rugged cross. This man did not even have his own tomb, and was placed in a borrowed tomb. He bore a violent death, unjustly.

We can all think of people that have died unjustly or violently. Acts of violence are never acceptable, but they touch our heart and souls when innocent people are the victim. Around the world people are greifing for love ones that have been killed, by stray bullets, terror attacks, police etc. It’s hard to reconcile why these events happen. They simply make no sense. But in the aforementioned case, the man who was crucifed on the Cross died for a specific reason. And that reason is us, you and I.

As we reflect on today we are not celebrating the act of murder, but we are more appreciative that Jesus Christ chose to sacrifice himself for the remission of our sins. It was a selfless act that will never loose power. It was and is a good friday, becuase of this act, we are free and have access to grace and forgiveness. We have a blessed assurance that when we pray, that we are praying to a savior that understand the struggles of this world.

So its a Good Friday, because on this Friday all of our debts were paid, and we are free to live abundantly in Christ.

1 Peter 2:21-25

The Message (MSG)

21-25This is the kind of life you’ve been invited into, the kind of life Christ lived. He suffered everything that came his way so you would know that it could be done, and also know how to do it, step-by-step.
He never did one thing wrong,    Not once said anything amiss. They called him every name in the book and he said nothing back. He suffered in silence, content to let God set things right. He used his servant body to carry our sins to the Cross so we could be rid of sin, free to live the right way. His wounds became your healing. You were lost sheep with no idea who you were or where you were going. Now you’re named and kept for good by the Shepherd of your souls.

Words of Hope

Avoid saying “No one knows” because the Almighty God knows and understands more perfectly than we ourselves do. Calm my fears, Lord God, and lift the burdens that I cannot carry alone.

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