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Daily Words of Hope

God never promised to make your troubles go away, but He did promise to give you the strength and power to overcome them.  Lord, when I am weak, strengthen me, when I forget, remind me and when the day is done, accept my thanksgiving because without You I am nothing.

Questions About Life?


Life…what is it and what’s the point. I know there must be a reason. How much control do I have over it and where do I fit in. who am I in the big scheme of things. How can I make an impact and will it matter. God unblock the passage to your wisdom. Let me be a glowing reflection of you. Is that what I am here for? To represent you, to show your glory. If so, what does that look like. Is there an ideal image of how I am supposed to behave or of what I am supposed to do. Is it what the church says, or my parents or my friends? Is the image I am supposed to live based on what others see in me or what I see in myself? Or is it what you see in me. If so, how do I know what you see in me. How do I know how to live this “life”.

By. S.N. Turnbull

Pictures from the First Hope Festival in

Pictures from the First Hope Festival in 2006 just added to website

Daily Words of Hope

People should be able to look at us and see that we are different. Lord, may I be an example of Your love and learn to rely on You at all times.

Daily Words of Hope

Each day guide your thoughts and actions so that you may set God’s will above your own.  Lord, may Your will be my will.

Vidsperations (Videos that Inspire)

There’s no one Greater!!!

Daily Words of Hope

Psalms 30:5

Weeping  may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. Hello Morning!!!

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