Daily Words of Hope

On last evening two people were executed, one in Texas and more notably Troy Davis in Atlanta. I am not going to take a position on their innocence, but the fact remains that lives were taken seems hard to swallow. It appears that no one wins in these situations. As believers we are stricken when we read about the crucifixion  of Jesus.  Jesus was killed for crimes that he didn’t commit, but in his death he gave us, an ability to be free from the terany of this World. Jesus died so we can live. All of us have sinned and come short of God’s expectation for our lives, but instead of Justice, God gives us grace and mercy. God offers forgiveness. One of the greatness lessons from the cross is when Jesus proclaimed, “Father forgive them because they no not what they do”. So today let us reflect on this idea, people around the world are being executed for many reasons and some may argue that it is justified, but how many more lives do we have to take in the name of justice. Jesus came to offer us an alternative, grace, mercy and forgiveness. In our daily lives let us implore these gifts to others.

Yes I know that you are hurt because of what someone did to you, but the greatest gift we can give ourselves and those that offend us, is FORGIVENESS. Forgiveness will set you free.  Forgiveness doesn’t happen overnight and it not an easy process, but I promise that it is worth it in the end. Forgiveness starts us on the road to redemption. Lord let us learn how to forgive so we FREE.


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