A Letter for the Future

Nothing stays the same. It may appear that things are not moving, shifting or changing but they are. It may appear that people do not have the ability to change…but they do. The earth is constantly rotating, never in exactly the same place as before. As I stare out my window, I see beautiful blue hues in the sky, with big fluffy clouds. They are moving. We change. People change. So have hope that your circumstances will not always be like this. You can have hope that you will not always feel like this. Life is not filled with cloudless skies and sunny days all the time…sometimes there is rain, storms, and floods. But you can count on the fact that they will not last forever. They are also moving. So know, that the rain and the sun are essential parts of this life. We need them both. That is the holistic approach to life. Do not be disillusioned to think that it will always be “good”, because in fact that would not be life at all, it would just be a picture. Have hope.

People can change…but just like I do not make the clouds move across the sky, I cannot make someone else change. These things are an act of God. All we can do is produce the best circumstances to facilitate positive change (being proactive) and/or make adjustments based on behavior (reactive).

There is something powerful about just watching the clouds move across the sky. And what is more interesting is that it seems like I am sitting still and in one place, but I am rotating too.

I wonder who is watching me move…

Written By. S. Turnbull

(This letter was written by my wife to our 2 year old, Although she can’t read at this point this will come in handy in the FUTURE)



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